Essential 5-Piece Food Container Set


Designed for the long-lasting freshness of your foodstuff, this set of five containers is a fine addition to your kitchen. Each comes with an air-tight lid that ensures a spill-free experience thereby keeping your food intact. Made of stainless steel, it is food and dishwasher safe.

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Container 1

Length: 10 cm x Width: 10 cm x Height: 3 cm x

Capacity: 185 ml

Container 2

Length: 12 cm x Width: 12 cm x Height: 3.5 cm x

Capacity: 315 ml

Container 3

Length: 14 cm × Width: 14 cm × Height: 4.5 cm x

Capacity: 560 ml

Container 4

Length: 16 cm × Width: 16 cm × Height: 5 cm x

Capacity: 795 ml

Container 5

Length: 18 cm × Width: 18 cm x Height: 6 cm x

Capacity: 1140 ml


Primary Material

Stainless Steel

General Specifications

Set Includes

Unit Components




5 Food Containers (1140 mI, 795 ml, 560 ml, 315 ml

and 185 ml)

5-pcs set


Style Neutral

Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe


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