Fruit cutter, set of 4, mixed colours



Cut your fruit into wedges, slices or stripes with this fruit cutter. Simple and safe to use, suitable for different fruits and dishwasher safe. And the fun colours will make you happy too!

Product details

The different cutting tools give the fruit different shapes – choose the one that suits each occasion best. Easy to use, just place the fruit on base and press the cutting tool down through it.

The series brings colour to your kitchen.

The base holds the fruit in place to make the fruit cutter safe to use.

The dark-green cutting tool is great for slicing and coring apples.

The orange cutting tool is designed for all kinds of citrus fruits.

The light-green cutting tool is suitable for all fruits with a maximum diameter of 11 cm.

The cutting tools can be placed in each other on the base to protect the sharp blades and take up less space when you store them.

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